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You can configure Magnitis hundreds of different ways...

Have your choice of the color of basis (base), glass or plastic speculo (dome), and color of culmen (magnet cover). There are hundreds of ways you can have it made (including different colors of glow in the dark). We'll make it to your exact specifications.


You can separate the magnets and do tricks as well. Or, you can just watch the levitating magnet in wonder (imagine the levitating magnet with a glow in the dark culmen at night). 

About Us

Play with the Power of the Universe.


Imagine awaking from a dream and realizing that the entire Universe is connected by one giant, long piece of string. That was my epiphany to create "Magnitis".  


The Universe

The Universe is the String. Oscillating from nothing to infinity. It is nothing, and it is everything...


Please visit my Youtube channel for more information about the string

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